Will of God

Such a terrifying thought! One which grips the heart and mind of the believer! "Unless I do God's will, I will not enter the kingdom of God which Jesus spoke of!.." I thank God for the will of God because it has nothing to do with me- something I have done, something I will do, but entirely upon what Jesus did at Calvary. He fulfilled that which David prophesied of in Psalm 40:6 [fulfilling Gods will] and freely told His disciples, "All that I have heard from My Father I have already made known to you."(John 15:15) When Jesus hung dying on the cross and said "It is finished!", I decided to believe Him.

Every time the apostles used the term, "Will of God" in their writing it was in this original context- referring to what Jesus had revealed in the gospel & how to live a life sanctified [set-apart] for the Kingdom of God as one awaits for Jesus's return. Now in truth, there are times when I acknowledge that I don't live for eternity or for the kingdom of God. My faith at times is dependent upon things of this world- which is transitory and fading.

"God shows no partiality"(Acts 10:34) declared the apostle Peter, but he was lying- "I'm special. Jesus suffered the agony of the cross so that I might do this or do that, get this or get that. God's will revolves around me and He is dependent on me to do it, so I better strive for it else I lose out on the best He has for me..." We're lying.

If Jesus has already revealed the entirety of God's will to His people- which revolves upon all of humanity being saved through Jesus by way of the gospel, I wonder how many Christians can truly claim that they suffer for the will of God? One whose life is so devoted to the gospel that they bear the repercussions: losing all of their freedoms and bearing the wounds of opposition?

"I suffer for the will of God! He called me to have this job, and I had to suffer x-amount of years of schooling before I got it. God revealed this person was the person for me to marry, and I had to work in order to persuade them- but alas, 'God prevailed in the end!"

We don't suffer for the will of God, dearly beloved. We suffer for ourselves.

God in His sovereignty permits us to receive earthly gain, but those do not automatically transmute itself into what has already been said, nor to God's kingdom. Is it not ironic? We as Christians are all "called to be the rich man", but no one boasts of being called to be a Lazarus.

Look upon the examples of the apostles- especially Paul who was the most prominent: He was whipped 195 times by those he tried to save, stoned and left for dead by them too. He spent 36 hours shipwrecked in the Mediterranean, subjected to the schemes of the Jews, faced perils brought on by his own, and from false brethren, to which he declared "I bear in my body the marks of our Lord Jesus Christ"[Galatians 6:17] and testified to the Corinthians that the apostles were made the "offscouring [feces] of the earth" [I Corinthians 4:13]. What motivated him to keep going? What caused this man to pull himself out of the dirt and immediately go to the next town to preach after being stoned and presumed dead? Was it for the prospect of a better job? Was it for a relationship, or schooling, or some other thing?

What enabled him to continue was the very same thing that enabled Jesus to face the cross with joy: "My kingdom is not of this world"(John 18:36) "I must do the will of God: I must proclaim the gospel to those who will receive it because there is a kingdom which awaits.."

"By faith I did the will of God! I got this specific job, married this specific person, and did this specific thing!" But when we die, we die alone. And when we stand before Jesus Christ, we'll also do that alone. No spouse, no coworkers, no friends nor family to testify on our behalf. What will happen then? In what would we boast of then?

I cling to the hope that when I stand before Him, it would be under the exact same circumstances as when I first got saved: completely empty handed. So that I might testify of His grace, and of His grace alone. Citing not my "righteous and good deeds" [because then He would cite my bad], nor of my "obedience" [because He would then cite what was actually produced- and also my disobedience], but rather how He fulfilled the will of God which ensured my salvation.

"Do not worry little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."(Luke 12:32)

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