The Story

This website, along with the corresponding podcast: Ye Who Has Ears, is ran by three friends (more importantly, brothers in Christ) out of Washington state. What began as a personal and individual desire: to get to know our Lord Jesus Christ more through His revealed word - i.e. devoting ourselves to personal study of, and application of the Scriptures (more importantly of the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ as He revealed Himself) turned into a mutual desire to share the newfound beauty of the testimonies of God and Christ found within the Scripture with others, with the hope of freely giving to others what God freely gave to us. Over time, this desire matured and grew to where we no longer wanted our desire to be confined solely to ministering to our local church body but rather, like the apostle Paul standing atop Mars Hill as a platform to declare openly and publicly of our Lord Jesus, we too desire to utilize other means of platforms to testify of Christ with the hopes of allowing those who pass by (albeit passing through the web) to see and get to know God and Christ more and be edified for the furtherance of His kingdom.

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